The Need for Shoulder Injury Compensation

People take their shoulders for granted. It is not until there is an accident and there is injury to the shoulder, that the full impact of what an injured shoulder means to daily life. Shoulder injuries can be apparent right after the accident. They can also take some time to manifest itself. That is why it is important to have any injury properly checked by medical personnel whenever there is an accident. You may not think so at the time, but the need for shoulder injury compensation may soon reveal itself.

The shoulder is very important to daily life. It is used for several everyday activities that you take for granted. It is the shoulder muscles that are used for lifting and moving around objects. Almost all physical activities and sports necessitate some level of shoulder activity or movement. That is perhaps why the joints in the shoulder have the most mobility of all the joints in the body.

Everyday activities such as throwing a ball, playing, or riding a motorcycle can become very difficult, painful, or even impossible if the shoulder sustains damage. Simple things such as lifting objects overhead or lifting heavy objects can be very dangerous, if you are using an injured shoulder to do so.

The simple act of raising your arms above your head can easily become a difficult and painful proposition. The complications and limitations that can arise from shoulder impairment are many. In the workplace a person with this type of injury can face several limitations and difficulties that may make functioning in the workplace challenging and in some cases even impossible.


This applies to most workplace scenarios as most jobs require you use your hands and therefore your shoulders. If you work at manual labour, the use of your hands and shoulders is a must to operate equipment and get things done. If you work in an office setting, although it may not require the same level of manual dexterity, you still use your hands to accomplish most of the daily tasks such as typing and opening doors.

The different parts of the shoulder and how it is put together, as a ball and socket, allow the range of movement of the shoulder. The scapula is the socket and the upper arm (humerus), is the ball. The ball and socket movement of the shoulder is what gives functionality and mobility to shoulder joint.

Another factor in the movement of the shoulder is the rotator cuff. Its primary function is to support the shoulder. It is made up of muscles and tendons. These muscles and tendons add to the strength of the shoulder and lay along the border of the joint. A small bag filled with a solution acts as a cushion and protects the rotator cuff. The bag is called the Bursa.

Understanding how the shoulder works can help to provide knowledge on the best ways to protect your shoulder from potential injuries that can arise from an accident. If you need to file a shoulder injury compensation claim visit Carry On Biking.