Avoiding Accidents at Home

You might think that you’re most at risk for an accident while at work or travelling.  Your home seems like a safe haven from all the dangers outside.  The truth is that most accidents happen in the home so your house or flat may not be as safe as it seems.

Nearly any room in your home can be potential site for an accident.  A few precautionary measures can help prevent many of the common personal injuries and keep you, your family and your guests safer.  Rest a little more easily by making some of these changes.

Add a fire extinguisher.

A small spill in the kitchen can lead to a great deal of damage from flames and smoke.  Bring in a residential fire extinguisher to make short work of a minor fire.  Choose one that is dead-simple to operate and has clearly written instructions on the label.  Pair this with a high-quality smoke detector for the best protection.

Install grab bars and anti-scalding devices.

Many slips and falls in the home happen in the tub or shower.  A grab bar is one of the best ways to maintain your balance and save yourself from a nasty and embarrassing post-wash injury.

Scalds in the bath can also be a problem, especially in older structures where modern safeties have not been put in place.  Installing an anti-scalding device will reduce your water to a trickle if it reaches a dangerous temperature.  This is especially important in home with small, curious children.

Secure your shelving.

Large pieces of furniture like shelving or a hutch can be unstable and top-heavy.  A bit of a bobble or a tug here and there can lead to a crash.  You don’t want to be at the bottom of that pile!  Secure those unwieldy pieces of furniture to a wall to be certain they remain upright.

A few minor changes could prevent a major accident.  Take a close look at your home ,and see if you can’t make it just a touch safer.